Through a mix of consulting and coaching, everything is oriented around WHOLENESS.

I’m a business mechanic and leadership masseuse. I help improve the way businesses run to be more easeful and efficient. I can get under the hood in the practical day to day as well as strategic with the people and processes.

People, Processes, and Products are my JAM. With over 15 years of experience, I’ve got a track record of versatile performance and results. I’m reliable to contribute respect, integrity, joyfulness, innovative thinking, and proactive solutions. If you’re looking for someone to help you make world-class teams and experiences, let’s talk!

I customize each package and only work with a very small number of clients.

This work is personal and transformative.

Areas and ways I can help:

  • Identifying what’s working and not working and building solutions
  • Outline and delegation from vision to implementation
  • Research and resolve ambiguous and unclear problems or needs
  • Organization of anything digital
  • Tracking and coordinating details
  • Summarize, clarify, and reflection for a visionary/creative
  • Product/service design and development
  • Process design and development
  • Documentation, templates, and SOPs for ongoing routines
  • Tech tools and systems
  • Team cohesion and management
  • Hiring and onboarding
  • Customer and user experience
  • Sales strategy
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Strategic planning
  • Business models
  • Long-term visioning
  • Creative collaboration
  • Team coaching
  • Leadership coaching


Early stage strategy – I worked with a visionary who had a lot of ideas, but he didn’t know how to turn them into a successful business. We identified what made him and his offer special, tested services and talked with customers, and eventually discovered a business model that allowed him to do what he does best while primarily being delivered by other team members. His business sells high-end weekly meal programs and wellness services with a focus on ketogenic diet and biohacking. He had already developed the expertise and was a natural networker. It required him to embrace humility, receive help running the business, and develop a discipline around being more focused. Within 10 months, his revenue went from $1,500 to $74,000 per month.

Program development – With a co-founder who focused on the sales of the program, I developed the curriculum and customer experience for a training program for coaches using deliberate practice based education principles. Within a year, it became a multi six-figure side business with a 95% completion, 42% repeat customers, and 64 NPS score. I created an innovative program structure that participants raved about by identifying a major gap in the industry, listening to customers, and then researching and iterating. Eventually, I facilitated my exit and the program is still running successfully.

Process and team development – An experienced business woman with a digital marketing agency had gotten stuck in a common consulting or service oriented bottleneck where most of what the business provided relied on her to do it. She had a string of past people try to help, but didn’t have the time or energy to manage them properly. I helped to organize and develop processes and training so other people could do the things she does. What helped me succeed where others struggled is I knew what questions to ask of her and am comfortable creating something new without much context or management. She also took the leap to trust and empower me to bring my magic into her business. I ran a hiring, onboarding, and training campaign to free up her time so she can focus on business growth, sales, and being the visionary. She’s now at the point where her days are aligned with her ideal schedule.

Leadership skills – A creative leader with an acting studio had an incredible core team and kept trying to expand beyond herself, but was too busy running the studio and didn’t have the leadership experience required to grow. Both her and her team assumed she needed to be way more involved than was necessary. One of her most important team members was actually considering making a transition because they no longer felt challenged. I began by observing and talking with everyone, which quickly revealed tons of inefficiencies and the founder holding everything instead of actually handing off ownership properly. With coaching and adjustments to operations, it didn’t take much before the team members felt more clear and empowered, and the founder felt more space and ease and could focus on some of her own creative projects!

My coaching philosophy and style:

I believe in a mixture of:
Structure + flow
Practical + mystical
Intellect + embodiment

With over a decade of experience, I’ve seen every aspect of the coaching industry — as a coach, Co-Founder of a training program for coaches, and managing businesses for coaches.

I have collected, tested, and created my own frameworks and tools, but also will use unconventional methods and energies.

Strategic, tactical, sustainable, integrated… the results will be targeted and tracked based on real-world performance.
Dynamic, playful, imaginative, creative… the experience will be unique, uncomfortable, and a friggin blast.