I'm so grateful to have worked with a wide range of wonderful humans. Scroll through below to hear from them what it's like to work with me!
Christina is part thoughtful visionary, part spirited builder and all parts love. I marvel at her sense of quiet attention, deep curiosity and ease with who she is. In private conversation, she has the ability to ask nuanced and insightful questions that lead to greater understanding. At the same time, she's able to scale that awareness and attentiveness to engage an audience of hundreds. Love seeing so much grace and wisdom so early in life.
Jonathan FieldsAuthor and Founder of Good Life Project
Christina is a deep, empathic listener. I always feel seen and heard by this powerful artist.
Alexandra JamiesonHolistic Health Expert, Creatrix Coach, Author, and Artist
Christina was like a deep tissue massage therapist for my business. Uncomfortable at times, but ultimately so worth it. She jumped right into a half-baked operational infrastructure and improved our files, templates, SOPs, and systems. Our strategic conversations helped me clarify key parts of the business and step more into being the leader I'm meant to be. Beyond this, her hiring expertise was instrumental in filling the team gaps and training long-term hires. Christina would be an asset to small teams in transition.
It's rare to find someone who can excel in both strategy and execution in so many areas.
Alice LiuFounder & CEO of Lyra Recruiting

“Christina was a joy to work with and an impactful strategic partner. Her approach was detailed yet efficient to deliver quality projects. The questions she asked led me think deeper and smarter about decisions for the business and our clients. Also, the way she’s able to be open, adapt, and iterate using a first principles based approach was invaluable. She could co-facilitate calls with clients, help me strategize a process flow, do research and organize her recommendations, and write out content for a project. It’s rare to find someone who can excel in both strategy and execution in so many areas. I’ve already referred others to hire her – she’s a gem!

Calls me to a bigger, grander view of our potential as more loving and kind humans.
Celia SlaterChief Visionary of True North Sports

“Christina is an amazing visionary who also happens to have an extremely kind heart. She has always helped me see the world and our human experience from a different perspective — a perspective that usually calls me to a bigger, grander view of our potential as more loving and kind humans. Simply put – I am grateful to have her perspective and energy in my life. Christina Salerno is a difference-maker and an inspiration to everyone who has the opportunity to meet and experience this incredible woman!”

Remarkable combination of smarts, resourcefulness and determination.
Dmitri KrasikSenior Sales Executive

“Christina asks questions that get to the heart of the matter, in a way that is natural and profound. She has taught me that genuine open curiosity and the right question can be the most powerful way to change people and oneself. Beyond that, Christina has a remarkable combination of smarts, resourcefulness and determination – I would bet on her to do anything she sets her hand to. If you’ve got her in your corner – I pity the competition.”

Highly influential in increasing our contract rates by 1000%.
Marc AaronsDigital Strategist and Online Growth Consultant

“When I first launched my business, I learned about Christina and I’m glad I did. Over the course of 6 months, her insights have been highly influential in increasing our contract rates by 1000%. Her discernment is invaluable no matter what level of business you’re at. I’m thankful to have had Christina as an adviser. She weighs every statement, question and phrase with a heavy respect before providing her most honest answer and clear feedback. Like a kid that recognizes the wisdom of their parents’ advice only after they’ve grown up, you’ll be glad you hired her.”

I feel the ripples in my life more than a year later.
Star EdwardsTransformational Coach and Founder of The Worthy One

“Coaching with Christina was transformative, electric, and life opening. We worked together at such a critical moment; it was true Divine timing. I didn’t know at the time, but it was the beginning of becoming me. With her support, I went on my own hero’s journey, opening up my gifts and my intuition, connecting deeply within myself and with Spirit. It was like entering a supernatural cave that gave me the safety to reveal myself, to myself. I gained permission to touch the parts of myself I was afraid of, learning that they were beautiful and perfect all along. I learned to not be afraid of life, especially myself. Christina saw pieces of me before I knew they were there and reflected them back so the truth could reverberate, always leading me back to the core of myself.

This coaching container was so potent that I feel the ripples in my life more than a year later. Now, I no longer hide myself. My relationships have shifted — I’ve called in a whole soul family and transformed my relationship with my husband. My business has turned into a new, authentic expression. And I know myself deeply, all parts. Our time together gave me the courage within to rise. Thank you, Christina!

Deep intuitive sense of how people work.
Barry SolwaySoftware Engineer and Science Fiction Author

Every experience I’ve had with Christina has been authentic, real and beautiful. She brings a unique and extraordinary presence to every interaction. Fierce joy and deep wisdom. Real honesty and uncanny perception (like, seriously uncanny).

Christina embodies a deep intuitive sense of how people work without the filters and baggage, a sense of play in the moment, and a realness and honesty. Combined with her business background, life experiences and natural intuitive gifts, she listens and understands, clearly reflecting your own self back to you in ways you couldn’t imagine were possible.

Her gift is to lead you to find the key you already have to the doors in your mind and heart that open to your greatest potential. Working with Christina will be an adventure in self-discovery and one you’ll be glad you took.


Ph.D. Candidate and WriterShiri Dori-Hacohen

"The conversation I had with Christina was amazingly valuable. I’ve already started implementing the insights, and it’s been making a huge difference. It really helped clarify what piece of the puzzle I was missing. Thanks for bringing me up to that higher level thinking — it was really instrumental in order to realize what I was neglecting in my life!"

Public Speaking CoachAnonymous

“Christina has a gift for narrowing in on the internal factors that are holding you back and blocking you from moving forward. She helps you develop your intuition and read the signals your body is sending you about how to best move forward. Her collection of techniques, from games to intensive meditations, provide a truly broad springboard for exploring your barriers and overcoming them.

Branding and Marketing StrategistMargo Aaron

“After my session with Christina, I had a MASSIVE mindset shift. My fear turned into excitement. It was like the imminent fear I had melted away and transformed into… I can only describe it as – everything just feels like an interesting experiment vs a life-or-death situation. It’s incredibly liberating. I feel like I’ve shifted from amateur mindset to pro-mindset.”

Founder of GrowHack, Co-Founder of TeachableConrad Wadowski

"Christina helped me to uncover and clarify a hidden fear that was holding me back from accomplishing my goals by changing my decisions unconsciously. This is huge because now I have a better understanding of when it comes in so I can feel less stressed and more emotionally ok with those fears themselves."

Sr. Manager, Global Communication & MarketingMarti DeMoss

“If you get a chance to spend time with Christina, do it! She is uber-talented in many ways. And her diverse experience gives her a unique perspective – she’ll see things in you that you might otherwise miss. Deep, dark, wonderful things, that allow you to move forward with more grace and heart.”

Founder / Executive Director at IPaintMyMindEvan LaRuffa

“Christina created an amazing space for me to engage with important questions that really helped flesh out new ways to give myself more fully to the most important relationships in my life. Christina’s intuitive, warm, kind, & thoughtful way of being creates an environment for coaching and growth that is truly special.”

CEO, InvestorChristian Fisher

“Beforehand, I felt a little uncomfortable being exposed to someone that I really don’t know. Because it was truly a safe place to be guided to that cave of questions, the breakthrough was the idea that in a short call I was able to find a lot of the answers to questions by myself, Christina guided and I followed. Now I feel cracked wide open and the exposure allows for me to feel fully and to lean into those feelings. I am more comfortable sharing my true experiences and feelings. I loved our session and have mad love for you, Christina.”


A session with Christina is something to be cherished. She has an amazing way of making you comfortable and at ease. She has an uncanny ability to touch your issues, but not intrude without invitation. I would absolutely recommend a session. You don’t know what you don’t know. The sessions are energizing. They helped me uncover pent up feelings / emotions and allowed me to not have them be as distracting. After working with Christina, I am more in touch with my own ‘experience’ as I’m going through my daily routines.”

EntrepreneurBonnie Fahy

“I now have a tremendous amount of business clarity and re-focus and feel completely recharged about my business. The day we met up, I was feeling so depressed, and I came out feeling lifted and whole and happy and loved and supported with a renewed faith in myself and my abilities. I’d recommend a session, yes. Christina also helped me identify what are some of the creative blocks that I bring into any environment, and I uncovered some of my blocks that held me back. I appreciate Christina for that!
Christina helped us "see into the future" by using her unique hiring campaign.
Michelle V.

“Hiring is usually stressful because you feel like you have to make a big decision based on brief flashes of information. However, Christina helped us “see into the future” by using her unique hiring campaign to uncover things you normally don’t find out until after you’ve hired someone. I felt at ease watching her captain the various stages of recruiting and evaluation. The whole process was more thorough than anything we would have come up with on our own. She also helped us sort through the factors that would end up mattering most to a small team like ours. Our new hires integrated seamlessly into our team, and they really hit the ground running on day one. Looking back, we know with confidence exactly why each person was hired.”

A method of making the hiring process so delightful and most importantly, successful.
Angela T.

Christina’s holistic approach to hiring is one of a kind. She takes the time to learn exactly where her clients need support in their business. She also has the gift of writing fun and captivating job descriptions! During the hiring process, she creates trial projects for qualified applicants to test their skills and quality of work. In addition to her amazing attention to detail and level of awareness of human behaviors, she also has a library of assessments to evaluate the strengths and work styles of the candidates. Christina truly has a method of making the hiring process so delightful and most importantly, successful.


Life Coach and Yoga TeacherAnick Labrosse

“Before, I felt disconnected and unsure as to where I stood. The session brought me back to my essential self and what I know to be the Truth for me. I felt emotional and connected afterward and a sense of lightness! I most enjoyed the feeling of reconnecting with myself and recognizing my Truth! Allowing the guidance to be heard. Opening up to how I really feel and what I know bone deep! The depth in such a short amount of time is impressive. Very valuable!

Financial Freedom CoachJarrett Coggin

Within 24 hours, I’ve immediately got results. Here’s an example: I started a task of following up with people as a way to kickstart my business. Within 30 minutes of starting the task, I created the email template and emailed 5 out of my list of 30+. This is something I’ve been putting off for weeks and with some of these people nearly 2 full months. I already know I’m taking more action as a direct result of working with Christina. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

Magic Coach and Spiritual GuideKatie Kozlowski

“I absolutely love working with Christina. When we collaborated we had the best time and created such a beautiful expression of who we are and why we are here that it made my heart sing. Her openness to the truth of who we are and her ability to listen deeply is extraordinary and that makes her an excellent coach and healer. When I met her I fell in love, and I’m still in love! If you can experience her, I highly recommend it.”

MBA, CPA, Post-Civilization TechnologistNick Farr

“Christina’s secret superpower is finding and unlocking amazing things. Whether that’s solving a puzzle in your psyche or creating joy among a group of strangers, what Christina does is truly magical.”

Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford UniversityAnonymous

“Christina will care about your growth more than anyone ever did. Meet her once and you will never be the same again. Strongly recommended.”

Business Development and FinanceSukhtej Singh

“I had a few sessions with Christina. At first I thought what can she tell me that I don’t already know. I think of myself as a very self-aware person. She dug really deep and asked the right questions to uncover things I didn’t know about myself.”

Freelance Writer, Editor, Content StrategistShannon McNay

“Christina is a bundle of wonderful, empowering energy. Every time I talk to her, I feel like a stronger, more capable person and gain more ideas than I know what to do with. This is in part thanks to her refreshing attitude and her always useful advice. Everyone should talk to Christina, but most especially anyone looking to find that thing that makes them special and learn how to use it to take the world by storm!”

Life ExplorerBridgette

“Christina has such a strong compassion and love for people. I’m amazed by her awareness of the needs of those around her and the desire she has to help people attain their goals. I remember feeling anxious and intimidated. However, once we spoke I could hear how down to earth Christina was. Something that I love about Christina is how much she cares about our personal transformation and respects where we are in our journeys. What you get with Christina is something that is very raw and real.”
Christina Salerno is a gifted woman. She truly listens when her clients speak and make remarkable observations from their words. Her insights are always thoughtful and illuminating. Best of all, she infuses her sessions with a sense of joy and playfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her; she’s truly one of a kind!
Ginny LouloudesExecutive Director of A.R.T./New York
Christina helped me to uncover and clarify a hidden fear that was holding me back from accomplishing my goals by changing my decisions unconsciously. This is huge because now I have a better understanding of when it comes in so I can feel less stressed and more emotionally ok with those fears themselves.
Conrad WadowskiFounder of GrowHack, Co-Founder of Teachable
I can’t stop talking about my amazing breakthrough session with Christina! She helped me work through and integrate some deep shifts that have been coming up for me in the last few months. We all work hard on our mindset and what we have to achieve – but being truly authentic requires that you’ve not only worked these things out in your head, but integrated them properly into your life. And that’s where Christina and her deep work is perfect. You NEED this!
Liz ScullyBusiness and Mastermind Coach
Christina helped me to uncover and clarify a hidden fear that was holding me back from accomplishing my goals by changing my decisions unconsciously. This is huge because now I have a better understanding of when it comes in so I can feel less stressed and more emotionally ok with those fears themselves.
Conrad WadowskiFounder of GrowHack, Co-Founder of Teachable
An important guide on my journey to a life based around freedom and creativity.
Mike GrossmanComedian, Artist, Entrepreneur

“I was an American Psycho. No, not really, but I certainly felt that way.

I was living a life completely based upon things like ‘societal expectations’ and ‘default patterns.’ There was a small flicker of a light inside me, a calling back to who I really am… an artist. But it was so quiet, and often I doubted it was even there at all. There was however a longstanding cast of demanding voices who were constantly projecting their own wants onto me.

I knew I needed to make a change, a big one, but I was stuck and didn’t know how to start.

That’s where my conversations with Christina came in, she has been an important guide on my journey to a life based around freedom and creativity. (My 2 biggest values!)

Now back to these voices… I couldn’t even speak about what I truly wanted without addressing these first. And these were deeply held emotional fears and insecurities! Things like… if I do this… what will people think of me? And what if I actually succeed at this, then what? Christina invited me to go inside myself, to meet these voices face to face, to say hello and give them a hug. She held the space for me to be brave and let these old stories go.

She did this through conversation, laughter, and energy work and as each anxiety released my inner light started to grow stronger. Now here I am several months later writing comic books full time and instigating all manner of beautiful nonsense into the world.

Friend, does this make sense to you? Do you feel like you may be living a life stuck in default? Do you feel an impulse for something more no matter how small?

If you do, please please please, work with Christina. You won’t regret it, and you absolutely deserve it, heck, the rest of us in the weirdo world are counting on you because it’s not really a party until you join in.”

I was able to bridge my mind with my body.
Candace RhodesPersonal Trainer

“After my first guided meditation with Christina, I realized that my life is still the same yet how I felt about it has completely changed because now I focus on the present moment. Christina helped me become aware of today, right now, right at this moment and I became more peaceful and centered as a result. The stress and fear I brought into our session melted away because I realized that I was creating the fears in my own head and I became more aware of their source, what my fear was trying to tell me and how to identify the type of fear it was.

It was through working with Christina that I gained a different perspective of the thoughts that were going on in my mind more clearly and I was able to bridge my mind with my body. I gained inner peace and a never-ending feeling of calmness after our sessions. It’s the very same rejuvenation I feel after my yoga sessions except I get to untangle my thoughts.

I am more in touch with my emotions and I pay attention to them more because of my sessions with Christina. I have become more okay with how I feel instead of telling myself that it’s not right and suppressing my feelings. This also affects my relationships with people because I am able to have more empathy for others and as a result I have become a kinder person. The critic in my mind has slowed down and I also am able to breathe through the more difficult emotions that I experience like anger, frustration, and jealously to let them go on their way. I am working on being more kind to myself and to be more compassionate for others. My sessions with Christina have enriched my life with emotions that I would have otherwise ignored and been afraid of because I did not know how to handle them. But by working with her, I learned that emotions are an asset that can help me be more alive and live a more meaningful life.

The sessions bring clarity of what’s going on in your mind and at the same time it widens your perspectives and gives you a big picture view of yourself and your life.”


Musician and WriterPaul F.

"I didn’t have many hesitations until Christina asked questions that I didn’t really want to answer to a stranger. It was very hard to answer at first, but I’m glad I did. The most exciting moment was realizing (Christina led me there but didn’t push any agenda which is why it’s so cool) that doing the same thing again isn’t going to make me any happier. I've been trying to escape from corporate life for ages. I’m taking that to heart and going to be focusing on doing the things that are most important for me in life – music and writing. I want to improve and thrive. I realize it’s what you bring to it, but people need a little push sometimes. And confronting things as they actually are is hard to do on one’s own the vast majority of the time. Doing this session and answering Christina’s few well-pointed questions was the perfect thing to get me started, and my friends are all behind me and agree. I feel really great. THANK YOU!"


"My tangle of thoughts felt like a thick, dark forest, and I felt lost. I was afraid to get too close to my own difficult feelings, and this was causing a lot of confusion and blocks in my life. Talking to Christina was like having a guide leading me into my own internal landscape: she took my hand and gently led me into the forest. Together, we looked around at what was there, and created a pathway out. It was a gift to be witnessed and accompanied on this journey. She is so patient. I have never felt judged for what I share. I feel witnessed, held, and guided. After our sessions, I felt so much more clear. Even months later, the clarity I discovered through this process is guiding me in my intentions and actions. I would absolutely recommend a session with Christina. She has a brilliant gift of helping people find clarity within confusion. She is a great listener, and embodies a rare blend of gentleness, compassion, and directness.”
Help fill you with a deep trust and confidence in your own path and intuition.
Ben WestonCo-Founder, Lead Instructor at Dance Floor Arsenal

“Prior to my conversation with Christina, I was going through career and relationship issues that had me struggling to feel any semblance of self-love or sense of direction in what to do. And my inner voice wouldn’t shut up! Trying to meditate or even sleep was damn near impossible with that voice haunting me at all hours.

After working with Christina, I honestly can not describe what she did or even what happened.

All I can say is that it felt like my inner voice that wouldn’t stop telling me what was wrong, what I needed to do, how bad I was feeling, and how everything’s falling apart suddenly chilled the f*** out. It’s as if he just needed someone to hear him out and love him a little.

From there, that emotional emptiness was then filled in with gobs of awesome sauce (technical term). It’s like that feeling you get after washing off layers of sweat and dirt on your body to then put on crisp new clothes. You feel fresh and like a baller. You feel like everything is alright.

Will this make sense with anything you’ve done or heard before? Most likely not.

Will this help quiet the voice inside your head and help fill you with a deep trust and confidence in your own path and intuition? Yes. Hell yes.”