The Missing Piece to Your Puzzle

Discover more freedom and ease when you finally have proper support for your business.
Integrated strategy and operations consulting.
Proven methodology to expand your team.
Deep, transformative, inner work.

Integration for Your Vision

You've got the ideas, vision, and passion... but have taken the business as far as you can without a high-level operations integrator.

For business owners who are ready to:

Delegate more ownership to your team and focus more on what you love to do
Identify the bottleneck keeping you from exceeding your growth goals
Improve efficiency on a revenue stream in order to take on more customers
Optimize your processes and systems with a lean and agile approach
Develop a cohesive culture and habits so the team workflow feels more fun and easeful
Strategically plan ahead (with tracking metrics!) to ensure actions align with objectives

My favorite businesses to work with are:

DEI oriented
Small teams < 20
Remote operations
Women leadership
Online service-based

Sound Familiar?

We're maxed to capacity trying deliver our services to clients!
It'd be amazing if everything was more organized.
Why am I SO overwhelmed and never have enough time?
We've validated our offerings, but now we're slowed down by operations.
If only my team could do more on their own, without needing me all the time.
My business is eating me alive! I wish things felt more simple and efficient.

Yes, I'm a Weirdo

Over 15 years of experience across 6 different industries. As an expert generalist, my greatest value is that my expertise comes from a range of experiences.

I tend to offer more unconventional ideas and strategies that will help you stand out from your competition.
If you need to solve a complex problem, I will tackle it with perseverance and creativity. I'm a pro at figuring weird sh!t out.
Where many typical VAs, OBMs, or PMs, may feel overwhelmed with implementing a big vision... this is my happy place!
Going wide allowed me to deeply understand patterns. While clients love that I always have something awesome to contribute, I make sure it's what will matter the most for the particular situation.


Christina is part thoughtful visionary, part spirited builder and all parts love. I marvel at her sense of quiet attention, deep curiosity and ease with who she is. In private conversation, she has the ability to ask nuanced and insightful questions that lead to greater understanding. At the same time, she’s able to scale that awareness and attentiveness to engage an audience of hundreds. Love seeing so much grace and wisdom so early in life.
Jonathan FieldsAuthor and Founder of Good Life Project
Christina Salerno is a gifted woman. She truly listens when her clients speak and makes remarkable observations from their words. Her insights are always thoughtful and illuminating. Best of all, she infuses her work with a sense of joy and playfulness. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her; she’s truly one of a kind!
Ginny LouloudesExecutive Director of A.R.T./New York
Over the course of 6 months, her insights have been highly influential in increasing our contract rates by 1000%. Her discernment is invaluable no matter what level of business you’re at. I’m thankful to have had Christina as an adviser. She weighs every statement, question and phrase with a heavy respect before providing her most honest answer. One caution: don’t hold back, because she won’t.
Marc AaronsDigital Strategist and Online Growth Consultant
With an extremely kind heart, Christina has always helped me see the world and our human experience from a different perspective — a perspective that usually calls me to a bigger grander view of our potential as more loving and kind humans. Simply put – I am grateful to have her perspective and energy in my life. Christina is a difference-maker and inspiration to everyone who has the opportunity to meet and experience this incredible woman!
Celia SlaterChief Visionary of True North Sports

Ways I Can Help Your Business


Long-term vision clarity
Pricing and packaging
Quarterly/annual planning
Project management
Strategic thought partnership


Documentation, templates, and SOPs
Migration and set up of systems
Process mapping and development
Customer experience and onboarding
Tracking dashboard for key metrics


Hiring and onboarding
Leadership and team coaching
Performance reviews
Cohesion and structure
Delegation and ownership culture


Product/service design
Community building
Revenue stream beta testing
Branding and creative feedback
Copywriting and content feedback


I only work a few 1-on-1 clients and prefer long-term relationships. However, I do offer more opportunities to work with me and an amazing team of fellow business strategists over with: Magical Teams.




How do you start working with someone?

All packages are customized. However, this is a general overview of typical onboarding:

  1. First, we’ll start with a free consultation call to discuss working together.
  2. Then, we’ll agree on a package that works for your needs.
  3. Depending on the work we decide to do, it usually kicks off with a lot of questions and getting to know you and your business before diving into the work we plan to do.
You sound awesome, but I don’t know what we could do together?!

You’re not alone. One of my superpowers is that I’m very adaptable and can figure just about anything out. Sometimes this means folks can feel unsure how best to utilize my expertise. I’d recommend to schedule a call. I’ll ask some questions and make recommendations for the most high value options to work together.

Can we do a trial or small project?

Absolutely! I love starting a new collaboration with intention and space to make sure it’s a fit on both sides of the relationship.