Living Quirky Frame

Founder of Living Quirky. A movement and community oriented around celebrating our differences and “quirks”. Blog, courses, events in New York City, and coaching.

I never sought out to create a business. I started blogging, hosting events, and having conversations and discovered there was a deep need for a space to express and connect around these topics!


Recruited and managed a team of 6-10 volunteers, helping each member identify and use their innate brilliance.
Coached 100s of creatives, business owners, executives, and leaders into more fulfilled and courageous versions of themselves.
Content and a superhero "quirkpower" quiz which continues to attract and convert traffic even after years later.
Developed marketing strategies and materials to attract and convert customers via content, email, SEO, referral, and events. Organic growth of email list from 0 to 5,000+ without paid advertising. 32% avg email open rate.
Led an in-person and online community of thousands around a shared mission of inclusivity and diversity. We often received feedback about the kind and empowering experiences which fostered bigger dreams and bolder action.
2013 - 2017
Living Quirky