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Jonathan Fields is a maker, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and founder of Good Life Project. He developed a framework after researching revolution-dynamics, story-architecture, social dynamics and technology and linguistic influence patterns. Then, he created a program, RevolutionU, to apply it in the world of art, business, and mission-driven ventures. Inside of the program, he built up a huge archive of Q&As and recorded office hour content. I helped to design and implement an organization tagging system for program participants to more easily find and utilize all of the content.


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“Christina is part thoughtful visionary, part spirited builder and all parts love. I marvel at her sense of quiet attention, deep curiosity and ease with who she is. In private conversation, she has the ability to ask nuanced and insightful questions that lead to greater understanding. At the same time, she’s able to scale that awareness and attentiveness to engage an audience of hundreds. Love seeing so much grace and wisdom so early in life.

– Jonathan Fields

Jonathan Fields, Good Life Project
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