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Ane Axford is a revolutionary leader and expert of the genetic trait for Highly Sensitive Persons (HSP) or Sensory Sensitivity. She transitioned from therapist to building an online business, Sensitive Leadership (formerly Sensitive + Thriving), with resources, courses, programs, and coaching. She also offered in person New York City events and retreats across the U.S.


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“Christina worked as my Sensitive Sidekick doing administrative work and so much more. She was my sidekick in that she could and would handle whatever was needed in my ever-evolving business working with genetic sensitivity.

She has an incredible ability to see the current state something is in and the hoped for outcome to then work magic in her own way to get there creatively with innovation. There were many times I gave her a somewhat ambiguous project and what I hoped would be the outcome and she would come back to me with more than I anticipated in the package of an elegant solution. She is organized and attentive to details and functionality. She considers long-term use and how what she is creating will impact all involved.

I wish I could say more about her creative process, however I think that is one of her strengths to mysteriously be able to work on projects in an independent way which then creates an outcome that is more than you could ask for. I don’t know how she does it exactly. But, honestly, in business it is so nice to be able to give a general and/or perplexing challenge and see it solved without having to know how.

As a business owner, her service was invaluable. She affected the way I still do many things today and the impact of her innovation and organizational techniques has lasted into much of how I offer what I do now. Christina has a great amount of integrity and drive to serve in the most authentic way possible.

She is creative beyond understanding, often quiet and reflective as she is deeply absorbing information, and always offers solutions with heart. It is clear that her work requires much of her and that she allows herself to bring all of herself to her work. I hope for her to be in work environments where her creative, independent, reliable services are appreciated as I know they run deep. Her work is very meaningful for her and is deeply appreciated by those who also do meaningful, deep work with heart.”

– Ane Axford

2011 - 2014
Sensitive + Thriving, Ane Axford
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